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This post is to begin questioning the status quo.

We like to try and see as much of the world and the things that are happening around us as possible trough open eyes. Seeing things for what they are instead of what we want them to be or what our egos want them to be for its own protection. This also includes seeing the world through the lens of someone else.

In developing this skill it´s helpful to seek out assumptions in our lifes and then question how true they are. Sometimes it´s challenging to find these assumptions, since by definition an „assumption“ is a thought that flies under the radar, exerting it´s influence mostly on the unconscious level. When you can find an assumption we personally believe that it´s always healthy to examine it. You may come to reject that assumption after careful examination and in doing so spurs some personal growth. You may also examine it and say that assumption is true so nothings different to your believes before it and you go on with your life as it was before. Now if that´s the case you´ve still grown as a person as a thinker, because you went through the exercise. We think this is important exercise, because we personally don´t want to think someone elses´s thoughts, or at least proof them before simply believing in them. We want all our ideas to exist in our minds out of our own volition.

We´ve noticed that the majority of people in this world are sleepwalking through their lives for one reason. They allow the thoughts of others to control their world. The main way entire populations are controlled is by a small group of individuals deciding on agendas then inserting their thoughts into the minds of the masses via tools like propaganda, mass media and early education programs. We never want to be considered one of these unthinking masses and we don´t want that for you either, so lets practice some critical thinking together on our website.

Now in this case let´s look at followin validity.

Humans are required to eat vegetables to be healthy.

This is a very delicate statement!
So lets get into it.

Now our assertion here is this…
We always assumed that vegetables were necessary to eat in order to be healthy, because that´s what we were always told since childhood, but upon on honest examination of this topic we´ve actually come to a very different conclusion. The idea that humans need vegetables in order to be healthy is a complete myth. In fact there are many more nutrient dense food sources that actually taste good that we be prioritizing before considering vegetable consumption ( be honest with yourself, eating veggies without cheese, sauce, cream…is not really tasty). In the case of plant based foods these sources are fruits and tubers.

In the future we will lay out our thought process and our own experiences for you to consider for yourself.

We wanna go together into this to prepare you on what we think might be the cause of all the disastrous health conditions so many of us face today.                                                                                                                                                                                                  This also includes weight gain, auto immune, mental issues in adults and children, eczema, sensitivities on chemicals…Name a condition and it will fit too into this list. But we wanna start slowly going into this, so it will not completely blow your minds.
Lets start with the definition of a vegetable. It´s important to define this.

What is a vegetable?

The working definition of what constitutes a vegetable has actually been strangely controversial.
So we just gonna define the plants that we will be discussing here.
The fruits, the vegetables and the tubers in the following most widely agreed upon way. That should clear up any confusion that people have.
A vegetable constitutes the stems and leaves, for example celery and broccoli will be considered stems. Kale, spinach and lettuce are considered leaves. That is what a vegetable is. This is actually a widely accepted definition and that´s the definition we gonna use here. So the stems and the leaves of a plant is the vegetable.

A fruit contains seeds or can act as a seed and it´s a structure that develops from the ovaries of a flowering plant. For example apples, lemons, grapes… . One common misconception is that fruits are only sweet. There are actually plenty of savory fruits for example eggplant, tomato, zucchinis, avocados, olives, squash and bell peppers are all fruits.

Now tubers are the third thing we´re gonna define.                                                                                                                                     Tubers are roots. They are so dense in nutrients that they literally sprout and sustain their own plants if they are left unharvested. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips and beets all fall into this category.                                                                                                              So as you can see, most of what the average person would consider a vegetable is actually not a vegetable. And all the ones that most people and especially kids would agree tasted good a NOT vegetables.                                                                                                     They´re fruits and tubers.

Let´s take a look at the symbiotic relationship between fruits and humans. One thing that is very interesting is to just take a step back and simply examine the facts about the differences between how fruits, vegetables and tubers grow and what this might tell us about their specific value in their evolutionary role with humans.
It would appear after a basic examination of the facts, that fruits are meant to be eaten.                                                                         First off, they´re jam-packed with nutrients. Another thing that´s interesting is the fact that they have fast ripening cycles and all of them contain seeds where most of the seeds/ pits are hard and inedible for humans. These seeds regrow the trees, bushes or vines after consumption, even if a human or animal that ate the fruit just drops it on the ground haphazardly it´ll regrow itself. This is a really convincing and quite a genius pollination technique that ensures the long term survival of these fruit plants and these fruits. But also their relationship with animals and people that will eat them and spread their seeds for them.

                      It´s a symbiotic relationship

Now vegetables on the other hand are not this way. They require more careful cultivation if they are to be cultivated for consumption. They actually release small amounts of bitter toxins as a defense mechanism against being eaten by animals or insects. That is quite the opposite of most fruits.
Vegetables have developed these defense mechanisms specifically to not be eaten by insects or other animals.
While the leaves and the stems do contain nutrients, they are not necessarily the best sources of those nutrients for humans to consume. They contain almost zero calories which evolutionary speaking is a downside and the human stomach doesn´t have much of a capacity for massive leaf and stem consumption due to the high load of fiber. Whereas other species of mammals have developed stomach systems like that of the grazing cows that are actually meant to be able to handle massive amounts of all day long consumption of these.
It simply doesn´t make any evolutionary sense for a human to need to consume the leaves or stems of plants in order to be healthy. The low caloric density coupled with high fiber and non-exclusive nutrients all point to the reasonable conclusion that humans do not need to consume vegetables.                                                                                                                                                     They are likely intact more of a luxury fad in today´s modern world but most definitely not necessary.

Now lets consider tubers. Tubers are literally roots, that are so nutritious that they will sprout their own plants and they will feed those plants with their nutrients. Tubers also generally have a very appealing taste to humans and other animals. The starchy carbohydrates are easily digested and also contain prebiotic fiber which is great for human intestinal flora.

All right so… fruits, tubers and vegetables.                                                                                                                                                             By what we just talked about we can pretty confidently conclude that vegetables while they may be nutritious aren´t actually necessary to be healthy if you are consuming the arguably more nutrient and energy dense fruits and tubers.

You probably also know a lot of people who hate or dislike vegetables yet they carry around some kind of ridiculous guilt about not eating them regularly.

This guilt is not necessary

You can be extremely healthy by getting your nutrients from fruits andb tubers and you´ll live to a ripe old age without ever eating a bitter leaf of kale again.

In fact since we´re on the topic of kale we´d like to point something out to you. Kale is a fad. It´s not fit for human consumption yet people have been wildly brainwashed into thinking that it´s healthy. In fact the kale fad has done more harm than good and in such an underhanded way that most people don´t even realize that among some other specific foods it´s the kale that giving them issues.
Kale and many other green leafy veggies are being turned into every type of junk food imaginable. From fried or dried kale chips to kale shakes and smoothies these anti- thyroid leafy vegetables are gonna do some real damage if it´s not exposed.                  Already before humans were nibbling on kale chips all day, kale managed to poison whole herds of livestocks.
Farmes fed kale as an alternate food source to their sheep but yet they started to realize that the lambs were being born with goiter or basically swollen poorly functioning thyroid glands. They started to see that was a bit suspicious. Study on sheep and rabbits confirmed this.

For now lets just use these leaves as an example on a much wider variety of foods that all have ONE thing in common.
Fact is, there is something in the kale, that was causing these issues! And don´t think, just because you are a human this would not affect your glands too.

We wanna wait answering this question.

This a big one and to get the whole picture it´s important to start thinking into another direction.                                                      And as we were saying earlier these leaves have been actually evolved into having these defense mechanisms against being eaten and kale is just one of the examples. Our point of using kale as an example isn´t really to scare anybody. It´s merely to just point out that the evolutionary role of leaves is not as benign as you might have first considered.

Since leaves are constantly exposed to potential predators ( they can´t flee), plants developed really effective chemical defense mechanisms against being eaten. So wouldn´t make it more sense to eat something nutritious that will actually make you healthier and needs you to eat it like fruit.

Let us now talk about another observation.

Why do children hate vegetables?

Now we are sure that a lot of people are just gonna brush this off.                                                                                                           However it is something that we should think about.

If we continue to look at the evolutionary importance of human relationships with food sources the fact that pretty much all children hate vegetables with no prior preconditioning to them is really interesting. You would think that if something was essential for human health, then why would human children widely despise it so much?                                                                       And why would we force our kids to eat something like leaves. That doesn´t make much sense.

If you ask yourself this question the honest answer is that we tell our kids to eat vegetables because that´s what our parents told us and that´s not a reasonable argument.

Children use to have peak health. They have boundless energy, imagination and clear skin and often times perfect eyesight. It´s only after eating „poorly“/„wrong“ and subjecting ourselves to stress and consuming things emotionally and nutrition wise that are not ideal for us.

Let´s call them „Blockers“

Things that are getting in the way and degrade our once perfect health into a state of disease and dysfunction.

We think all this is a fascinating observation and the fact that kids hate vegetables is not one to be brushed off lightly.

We created this special post because we can´t see just ONE way that helped people in the past to get over their health problems. Rather then getting better around all these so called „healty foods“ we just see people getting in deeper shit, developing more and more health issues.

Be ready to learn complete new mindsets and relieve yourself from the ones that won´t serve you any longer.
Try to be open and you will transition slowly but constantly into a new state of health by learning about the biggest „Blocker“ out there.

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