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Copper & Iron Toxicity and Dysregulation, Magnesium’s Role, Iron Toxicity

The top things you need to know about the effect’s copper, iron, and magnesium have on the body and in detoxification.

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Vitamin A Crash Course

Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency


What if it's all a big fat lie?

Gary Taubes’ 2002 article in “The New York Times Magazine” illuminated the gap between research-based knowledge and the public perception of what constitutes a “healthy diet,” particularly regarding dietary fat.

How Minerals run the show

Minerals, like enzymes, are a foundational part of human health. Without minerals, the spark plugs of life called enzymes cannot function.

Discussing Vitamin A

Discussing Vitamin A

Dr. Jason Dean of Revolution Health speaks with Morley Robbins on Vitamin A (Retinol), Healthy Fats and the Truth about Weston A. Price Foundation. Is Cod Liver Oil really good for you?

Lost seasonality and overconsumption of plants

Learn how modern food choices and meal patterns create the conditions for accumulation of oxalate in the body, and how oxalate’s create metabolic havoc.