Vitamin D

Supplements Do more harm than good

The Vitamin D supplement fad will go down in history as One of the most damaging supplements ever

Everyone today loves the sunshine Vitamin and People Taking Vitamin D like Candy

Doctors, nutritionists, laboratories and media recommend high levels of Vitamin D and claim it can be achieved only by taking supplements. It’s said that D supplements can reverse Vitamin D deficiencies, and headlines woo its magical ability to reduce a vast range of health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, autoimmune disease and even cancer. Medical specialists promoting supplements to patients with osteoporosis and other bone problems. Many food products contain now artificially added Vitamin D because all of a sudden none gets enough sunlight anymore. It’s also said to boost the immune system and reduce aging.

But did anyone ever tell you, that such claims are NOT supported by the available evidence.

They were based on studies that observed populations and concluded that people with lower levels of the vitamin had more of various diseases. Such studies have been misleading and most scientists agree that they cannot determine cause and effect.
Also, there are reliable studies out there that talk about it controversial.

So What Exactly Is Vitamin D and what is it’s roll ?

Vitamin D is a hormone that is synthesized in our skin with the help of UV-B sunlight or in small amounts is slowly metabolized from our food. It belongs to the group of fat soluble vitamins, which is important to know for further explanations. The body produces the biologically active form of Vitamin D through a complex process. It first travels trough the blood, either from your skin or gut, to the liver. From here the liver changes it to a substance called 25(OH)D (storage vitamin D). When your doctor talks about Vitamin D levels, he means the amount of 25(OH)D in the blood. This chemical is then send to the kidneys where it gets turned into the active form, 25-dihydroxy Vitamin D.

The main action of the active form of Vitamin D is to raise blood calcium levels.
It does this whether by increasing calcium absorption in the gut or by pulling calcium out of bones. Yes, this means that if the body cannot get enough calcium from your diet, higher levels of Vitamin D will get the calcium it wants from the bones to keep blood calcium stable.

This is the reason why you can have a calcium overload while running a calcium deficiency.

It explains why Osteoporosis numbers don’t go down, but to the contrary are constantly raising. If you want proof you can see the numbers here :
But sadly its widely believed that Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, and as this condition is epidemic, doctors and other health care providers describe it to so many patients these days. Even in irresponsible high doses.
Much elderly may take too much calcium and Vitamin D, putting themselves at risk for kidney stones. And there is evidence that excess calcium can increase the risk of heart disease. So everything they promise to be less by taking these supplements, will eventually get worse.

Why Is Everybody deficient and how the hack could our grandparents survive without supplementation?

Why Is Everybody deficient and how the hack could our grandparents survive without supplementation?

Our grandparents mysteriously survived without supplementing Vitamin D. And most of them generally had less or none of the health problems than people have today.

You might think now that they used to be more outside in the garden and got way more sunshine than our indoor working generation does.
Sorry, that´s not the case.
There are many people out there with low Vitamin D levels that live in the sunny states and work outside all day long.

Our grandparents foods and their mineral and vitamin content play a role. There are several studies out there from the 60th, that show how important minerals and Vitamins in our foods started to decrease due to loss of nutrients in our soils.

Everyone is being overly simplistic and giving Vitamin D supplements for all kind of conditions.
Also, people that use cod liver oil should prick of one’s ears. Cod liver oil is full of Vitamin D and studies show that Scandinavian countries showing higher rates of asthma since they were selling it to people.

We like to standardize things so it’s easier to put people in boxes to fit the system. But we are all individual and what is a low level for one person can be a good level for another.
Good levels of serum 25(OH)D concentration are in between 26-40 ng/ml, which is considered a low level by today’s standards.
A level of 20 to 30 nanograms is all that is needed for bone health, and nearly everyone is in that range.

Life Guards all over the world, working in sunlight all day long, showing an average of 30 ng/ml

Also, nightshades play a role in this, but that’s another topic. Let`s talk about it in the future.

While therefore some warnings are out there on the web, that supplementing with too much D can lead to toxicity, no one seems to see the bigger picture.
Have you ever considered that the body is making D levels low on purpose?

You might consider that you will never get your levels up (if you have a real deficiency) by supplementing Vitamin D without causing serious health problems.
Many of you who are reading this now probably have experienced that their D levels won’t come up, no madder how high their dose is.
When People start taking Vitamin D they usually get retested after some time to check if the serum levels came up. In many cases levels are still low. So your doctor or whoever prescribed it to you will eventually recommend higher doses, because they don’t understand why levels won’t come up. More is always better! (sarcasm).
After you started taking higher doses the next test might show higher levels and you probably get a maintenance dose to keep that level up.

But, did you really felt better?

Did your health problems went away?

Yes, the level got raised. But what exactly happened?

You DID NOT raise your levels in a good natural way.

As we talked about it before, Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. To keep it simple we can say that it has the ability to get stored in the fat tissue.
Let’s do something odd and just consider for a moment, that your body made low D levels on purpose. He did that to protect itself from high levels of calcium.
We a talked about its main action in the body is to raise calcium in the blood. If there is too much calcium in the blood, because you forced your body to absorb more calcium, the body tries to get rid of it. He does that to keep blood calcium levels stable, so you won’t get harmed. To prevent you from absorbing even more calcium your body is regulating down D levels to get rid of that problem. 

There is no reason to muck around with your body

Now you are giving it all the extra D that it was just getting rid of. The body has to get rid of it again and shove’s it into the fat tissue.
It’s like sending somebody into quarantine.
One day the fat tissue eventually will get saturated by all the extra D you still take. That means the capacity to take more is over and the Vitamin D can’t get stored away anymore and it returns into the bloodstream. That´s the moment when your serum D levels will start to raise. Do you still think, that this a good thing. Hopefully NOT.
If Vitamin D intake is excessive, blood calcium may reach levels that cause symptoms that are not only unpleasant, but dangerous over time. And there are people telling their clients that you can’t take too much Vitamin D and it won’t hurt you. Now you should have understood that the extra D in the blood is raising the calcium absorption.
The body has to get rid of all the extra calcium in the bloodstream too. He now starts to stuff it into joints,

muscles, arteries and even the brain. What are most of our diseases today’s? Heart attacks, arthritis, degenerative diseases … Shortly said, the calcification of the body. If too much calcium is in the blood or tissues RELATIVE to magnesium, then the calcium starts to calcify soft tissue.
More symptoms can be, immune suppression, hypercalcemia, back pain, joint aches, bones loss and increased absorption of toxic metals.
Also, important to mention is that high calcium uses up potassium. A high calcium / low Potassium condition reflects a low thyroid function. The main symptoms of this reflecting our nowadays society. Those are fatigue, constipation and brain fog, just to name a few.
Everybody is tired and worn out these days.
To know if your symptoms might be such a problem can be checked with a Hair Mineral Analysis. The blood won’t show you this problem as the body keeps these minerals balanced, otherwise you would have a bigger problem.

No One Gets To Have Good Vitamin D Levels IF They Don't Get Their Vitamin C Levels Right First

Vitamin C is massively depleted in our food supply and most people eat too many processed foods anyway. Vitamin D deficiency shows up the LEAST when an OPTIMAL supply of Vitamin C is provided.
If you don’t get enough Vitamin C, these things happen in your body.

Your natural production of Vitamin D will go down.
Any Vitamin D supplement you decide to take (including Cod liver oil) will not raise your levels as much as everybody is expecting, and also your Vitamin D receptors will not work as well as they should.

But I take K2/MK7 with it, so I don´t have this problem
Some prescribe Vitamin K2 in addition to the D supplement and state that the problem we talked about before won't occur. „Think of calcium as the cars on a road, driving both ways. Vitamin K2 tells calcium where to go. Think of K2 as the traffic police. It is directing traffic. If there is too much calcium around for the K2 to properly direct, this is just like there are too many cars going everywhere on the road and the traffic cop can’t handle it and there are accidents.“ Vitamin K2 might attenuate that problem a bit, but it will not prevent problems from happening.

 How and in which amounts minerals should be taken needs to be discussed with your doctor or health care practitioner. Don’t just do things because you read it here. We did many things on our own by reading about it on the internet, which got us in big trouble. That is why we promote the Hair Mineral analysis. Don’t make the same mistake we did.
So, if you still want to go for much higher levels by taking supplements, well, we know someone to fix the problem when you realize the health havoc that you or your doctor have wrought. It only takes a year or more to undo with guided nutritional work.
With this help your body will make the Vitamin on its own and you don’t have to take it by mouth.

A healthier person will make better levels of Vitamin D.
A sick person gets lower levels of Vitamin D.

-This does not mean taking Vitamin D supplements fixes the problem -