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We don't need a Vitamin A "Detox"

If you start reading this blog and you are not sure what this is all about, you should first read our last blog

„Vitamin A Detox – For we have sinned“

We are not writing our controversial opinion to unsettle or annoy people.

We are writing, because it is necessary to speak about the experiences people have on or after a low Vitamin A diet. Publishing articles that shed a different light on the Vitamin A topic, to educate readers and help to find a better way back to health other than with food restrictions.

It’s pretty easy to only find bad news when you are just looking for bad news.

We came to the conclusion, after educating ourselves more on the whole topic and eating a diet with the recommended daily intake of around 2000 IU to 3000 IU, that Vitamin A is everything, but NOT a toxin.

We do not doubt, that Vitamin A can have toxic effects. This is well known in the literature.

The development of autoimmune disease is well known when patie