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A sane and thoughtful guide

Many people struggle with ill-health.
Not the occasional cold, but the chronic issues that affect your every day.
That can be hard – very hard at times.
It can be even more frustrating when you are trying so hard to eat well and still deal with a variety of health issues.
Intuitive living can help you regain confidence in your own eating habits and find freedom from “diet thoughts.
It is the art of listening to your innate wisdom for everything.
We are not here to tell you what to do. We are here to tell you how you can learn what to do.

Intuition Restored

How does it work?

The Latest Diet Trend Is Not Dieting

It sounds so easy to “just listen to your body,” doesn’t it? But as you probably know, this process is incredibly complex.

Maybe you’ve tried it before, and your initial attempts only seemed to confirm your sense that you couldn’t trust your body. Maybe then you doubled down on your efforts to control it—and ended up feeling out of control yet again.

We know what it’s like to have a difficult relationship with food. We lost years of our life to dieting and disordered eating, missing out on countless important moments because our minds were hijacked by worries about food.

But like so many others, we did it because we were sick for so many years. We tried to find a solution. Conventional medicine had only medication as a response, alternative medicine’s approach was to restrict food and treat symptoms with herbs. For a while we felt better, but in the end nothing helped us in the long term.

Today we eat in a normal way and out of intuition. We pay attention to a sufficient magnesium supply by transdermal magnesium and regulate our metabolism exclusively with food.

We will share things with you that you probably haven’t heard before. Use this information in ways that are useful for YOU and find your own way.

Don't give up

The first thing we all need to do before attempting to get well is to realize that our diseases and symptoms are not normal. Unfortunately, millions believe that their symptoms are normal, that they are just signs of aging.

You are not alone

Almost every diet works in the short term, but almost no diet works in the long term.

You matter

Trust your body’s cues and nourish yourself fully.
Stop restricting  food.
Freeing your mind to do your work, take care of yourself, spend time with the people you love, and answer your calling.

Mineral Imbalances

Treating The Root Cause

Give the body what it needs and let it restore itself

Recovery Revolution

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Recovery Revolution

Copper and Iron Dysregulation

What you might not know about mineral imbalances

1. Why taking iron is the WORST thing you can do to fix low     ferritin or “iron deficiency”
2. The best way to detox iron
3. What happens when you can’t regulate copper in your body
4. Why iron deficiency anemia is very rare
5. How glyphosate is interfering in your ability to regulate copper

1. Why taking iron is the WORST     thing you can do to fix low     ferritin or “iron deficiency”
2. The best way to detox iron
3. What happens when you can’t     regulate copper in your body
4. Why iron deficiency anemia is     very rare
5. How glyphosate is interfering     in your ability to regulate     copper


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