Most of us have been tempted by the promises of detoxes

-Us Included-

Detoxes are all the rage these days. Usually they involve some sort of extreme behavior — you have to limit your calories, or your carbohydrate intake, or your red meat intake… or you have to sweat out the toxins with intense exercise, or flush them out with diuretics and enemas, or burn them out with cayenne pepper and lemon juice.

If you already spent time on some cleanse or detox diet, at some point in the process you likely felt worn out, irritable, depressed, jittery, or fixated on food.

Maybe you also experienced headaches, diarrhea, or dizziness so badly that it made you want to give up.

The gurus of these programs often prepare you for some unpleasantness over a long period. Sure, you’re cleansing your body of all the “toxic” substances you previously absorbed. You need to feel the nasty effects of those “impurities” leaving your system.