Nutritional Starvation

Not because you think you know everything without questioning, But rather because you question everything you think you know


As if this game of nutritional ping pong wasn’t already enough to make your head spin, each major shift in dietary advice has spawned several conflicting programs and protocols. From Atkins and Paleo to “high-carb, low-fat” and 80/10/10, it seems as though everyone is claiming to hold the key to weight loss, longevity and freedom from every imaginable disease.

Our urge to talk about this topic stems from concerns we have over its general applicability and safety, simultaneous with its growing popularity. We feel a moral and social obligation to share what we understand of these diets, from our perspective as we have tried it and lost health rapidly.

"The Keto diet is just not sustainable over the long term.”

When you read reports expounding on the benefits of a ketogenic diet, purporting that there is no risk involved or at least no risk for most of us, the origin of this dogma is either a selective reading of the science or a bias-motivated dismissal of any scientific studies to the contrary of this narrative.
For example, you can read about adverse reactions described as “minor” and “transient” or attributable in some way to “people doing keto wrong”, statements that are not actually substantiated by the scientific literature.