Villain A

It’s a poisoning! It is a body - wide poisoning!

There has been this enormous focus on diet for decades now, and we are eating more and more of everything that we think is healthy. But it simply does not seem to work. Could it be that we need less of something that we all consider “healthy“?

For over forty years now humans are facing a huge wave of the so called lifestyle diseases. On the top are raising numbers of autoimmune, inflammatory and mental diseases.

These are not infectious diseases, and we’re not
going to develop immunity to them because our immune system clearly does not like whatever is causing them.

"Does it not make some intuitive sense that whatever is causing these diseases; it just has to be something pervasive, yet subtle, in our environment? Something that is so obvious that it’s being ignored and overlooked. Something so little and almost trivial, that it’s never too much of a suspect. Something that is right under our noses. Something we’ve been told, and we assume, is good for us. Yet, it’s something that can have a profound, and devastating effect on the human body."

-Grant Genereux-

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself,
you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles
If you do not know your enemies but do know yourself,
you will win one and lose one
If you do not know your enemies nor yourself,
you will be imperiled in every single battle.

We assume you know who you are

Let us introduce you to your “enemie“

Vitamin A

As we already talked controversy about Vitamin D and are, despite a few others, kind of the underdogs in the ever growing health freak world, we want to take the whole thing to the next level and telling you that “Vitamin A”  is not what you think it is and it does not do to you what you think it does.

We are aware that this seems to be a pretty strange claim, as we got taught Vitamin A is something we desperately need to be healthy.

But if you give it a little chance and follow us observantly over the next time, we can teach you some critical thinking about this topic. We will use science, our own and our working group experiences to explain the whole thing.

Once you understand that the root cause of all our lifestyle diseases, and many of the mental health disorders, is a poisoning, you’ll understand why many of the various drugs are utterly useless.

So What´s the Dilemma here?

The theorie is, that Vitamin A is a toxin and not a vitamin at all.
That includes everything that is in the retinoid family (retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, retinyl esters) or in the carotenoid family (alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma-carotene, delta-carotene, epsilon-carotene, zeta-carotene Xanthophylls:  astaxanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin, canthaxanthin, fucoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, violaxanthin, neoxanthin).

It is well-known that Vitamin A can cause toxicity in humans and animals. It occurs when you have too much Vitamin A in your body. This condition, called Hypervitaminosis A may be acute or chronic.
Acute toxicity occurs after consuming large amounts of Vitamin A over a short period, typically within a few hours or days. Chronic toxicity occurs when large amounts of Vitamin A build up in your body over a long period.

Just to be clear here, what we are going to talk about is not at all classic Hypervitaminosis A. No, it’s far worse because we deal with saturation levels. We will explain this to you later. This is more of an insidious, creeping process.

This chronic Vitamin A toxicity is a slow build up over years and decades until parts of the body are near saturated. The body then remains in a state of chronic subtle overflow due to the saturation of what now becomes a toxin. Think of it like a bathtub, once it is full every additional drop will get the water to flow over.
This process is so well documented and clinically proven, that we can consider it to be an absolute fact. So what could cause the head to toe self-destruction of the human body that we see with the autoimmune diseases? Well, it’s actually a well-proven, and well-documented fact too. It is retinoic acid.

Before we will explain what happens to your body when you get saturated with Vitamin A, let´s travel back in time for a while.
You might have read our last Blog Post “Status Quo”. We tried to make you aware that vegetables might not be the health food we always thought it is.
But we left you out a bit in the dark. Well, the shocking news about vegetables is that most of the vegetables we consume these days are full of Vitamin A. And by what we know now, that is not a good thing. Even more shocking to know is that it’s mainly the bright colored and dark leafy green vegetables that are full of this villain.
Eat the rainbow they told us.

If there was ever a case of too much of a good thing being a bad thing, this is it

The Five A Day Myth

For more than a decade now, a rule on healthy eating has been burning into the memory of people: “Citizens, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day!” – this is the official call for collective plant consumption.

Where did five-a-day come from?

It started as the “National five-a-day for better health” program in 1991 as a public-private partnership between the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Produce for Better Health Foundation. The program started in California, the sunshine state, and has become the world’s largest public-private nutrition education initiative. All States in the USA have a five-a-day coordinator and as we can see the program has spread almost the whole world. Five-a-day has since been trademarked by the National Cancer Institute.

If you are interested  who are the sponsors for this whole project (which is very interesting) you can read the whole article here.

A Campaign such as In form of 5-a-day are large-scale nutritional experiments that are aimed at citizens worldwide – with a little polemics they can therefore be described as “large-scale experiments”.  And nobody knows their effects.

Why five-a-day? Why not? It’s a memorable number. It would have seemed achievable and it was the number of digits on one hand and, we would suggest, no more scientific than this. It was never the outcome of evidence based, thoroughly researched, scientific investigation. It was a marketing campaign – and the most successful nutrition marketing campaign that the world has seen.

Having been launched with no evidence whatsoever, there have been numerous attempts since to post-rationalise and to justify this worldwide campaign.
With no evidence at the time (or since), of any benefit from eating a certain number of fruits and vegetables each day, it is incredible to realize how far this marketing program has gone. Now, as with so many other elements of our diet advice, we reiterate the slogan daily with no idea from whom it came from.


We are going deeper into this fact in upcoming posts so you can learn about the effects that this campaign is doing to our health.

We do understand that’s gotta go down first. We needed some time too. All around us, who are involved in this whole Vitamin A topic at the moment needed this time to digest it. But at one point we understood and experienced that we are coming down to the root cause of our health problems. From this point it was easy to open up for it and delve deeper into the rabbit hole.

To give you a first taste read about the first stunning health improvements here.

If you are not getting the results you want or feel you were promised from any health approach…well, the definition of insanity would be to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We are here to offer a different solution, the opposite of “insanity”.

- Dr. Garrett Smith -
Sweet Potatoe: 14187 IU
Carrots: 16705 IU
Spinach: 9376 IU
Red Bell Peppers: 3131 IU
Paprika Powder: 52742 IU
Romaine Lettuce: 8710 IU
Spirulina : 352000 IU !!!
Chlorella : 51300 IU
(very important to be aware of, cause people trying to "detox" with chlorella)
Cantaloupe melon: 3382 IU
Apricots: 1926 IU
Tangerine: 1312 IU
Papaya: 1531 IU
Mango: 1262 IU
Tomatoes: 1241 IU
Prunes: 2000 IU
White Potatoe : 2 IU
Rice : 0 IU
Cauliflower: 0 IU
Parsnips : 0 IU
Lotus Root : 0 IU
Onions : 2 IU
Rutabarga : 3 IU
Cabbage: 98 IU
Almonds : 10 IU
Banana : 64 IU
Pineapple : 10 IU
Apple Peeled : 45 IU

We are slowly getting poisoned with high amounts of Vitamin A that most fruits and vegetables come along with.
To get a feeling for it here are some examples of foods high and low in Vitamin A (by 100g). If you look up Vitamin A or Beta Carotene levels on your own be aware that numbers can vary from sources, but the total amount in these will be always high.
Note: For now we will not differentiate between Carotenoids and Vitamin A to make it more simple. We go into more detail later.


If you think about the color of the low to zero Vitamin A foods, they all have one thing in common. They are white or cream-colored. This is important to know, because the white or cream-colored parts of fruits and vegetables contain almost NO Carotenoids.

Whereas the main colors of Carotenoids aka Vitamin A in fruits and vegetable are yellow, orange, and red.
Nature has used these colors ever since as warning color in poisonous animals and plants. This mechanism is called Aposematism.

Fruits and vegetables that are in the red spectrum from Carotenoids are the worst of all (think of tomatoes, peppers, and how nightshades have a long association with causing disease).

In comparison, foods that are in the red spectrum (purple and blue) from Polyphenols (cyanidins, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, OPCs, resveratrol, pycnogenol, etc.) are generally observed in the research to be very good for people. This may be a case of the “false aposematism”, where the plants are using this compound to “look toxic” when they actually aren’t.

Plants are actually incredibly good at making very toxic chemicals. And just because it is a natural chemical does not automatically make it safe for human consumption. In this research you will see surprisingly good results that come from eating WHITE fruits and vegetables, as well as light green, while the other colors can present quite mixed results.

What we observed is, that right in line with the dramatic rise in illness was a dramatic rise in vitamin A consumption. The consumption of foods rich in plant-sourced Vitamin A (as carotenoids) went wild around 40 years ago. Global tomato consumption more than doubled.
Year-round fresh fruit and vegetable availability increased dramatically.
Very few people these days eat seasonal. So fruits and vegetables that nature is offering just once a year are being eaten all year round.

We are certain you know that “taking too many vitamins can be bad.”
Vitamin A is by far the vitamin with the worst reputation when it comes to getting too much of it.


Let´s have a look at the recommended daily intakes and upper limits of Vitamin A.

Adult Female Adult Male
RDA700mcg = 2333 IU 900mcg = 2999 IU
Upper Limit3000mcg = 9999 IU3000mcg = 9999 IU

If you look at these numbers, it should be clear, that by just eating one sweetpotatoe you are already shooting over the recommended upper intake.

How could a “vitamin” causing all of this?

It may not actually be a vitamin at all, but simply a common toxic substance found in food that our livers normally keep under containment, and that our bodies have learned how to use over generations (for example, vitamin A is released from the liver to fight infections).
Don’t get us wrong. The body is well adapted to handle a certain amount of this substance. But handling it, doesn’t equal needing it in high amounts.


The key thing to understand is that
Vitamin A is not a direct toxin just at high doses.
That is a myth.
It can be a toxin at any dose.
High doses EQUAL the SUM of many small doses

We know with a high degree of certainty that autoimmune diseases are not caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites.
So, that leaves us with toxins or the medically accepted view that the immune system has somehow become defective.

The flare up nature of these diseases clearly indicates that it is not a permanently defective immune system. It is almost randomly defective. Additionally, it is most actively defective when we eat trigger foods, and/or in the winter months.
So, it is highly likely that the immune system is actually responding to a toxin
in our food.

There is absolutely nothing inherently defective, or wrong with the immune system. What is really happening with the autoimmune diseases are responses to some new toxic situation in the immune system’s environment. That means our body is reacting normally.

The theory was put up by Grant Genereux, an engineer and geologist from Canada who suffered from severe eczema. By using a logical exclusion procedure on foods that are said to trigger eczema, he found they all had one thing in common…” Vitamin A”. His skills as a geologist to think in bigger time frames allowed him to think different on a medical problem. He was not biased by standard thinking patterns of the medical world. He wrote three excellent and very careful researched eBooks on that topic.

The idea is, that we all can tolerate a certain amount of this so called “Vitamin”. We’re built to handle a certain amount. But we started mega dosing this substance with concentrated pills and liquids, medications and skin care products, fortified foods, not eating seasonal anymore, and health food fetishes that often involve supra natural doses of Carotenoids (like juicing carrots). The liver quickly absorbs and stores away the Vitamin A.

Our bodies do not want any unbound Vitamin A in the serum. That is why it stores it away safely in the liver. To safely transport Vitamin A through the body the liver is producing something that is called Retinol Binding Protein (RBP).

The basic premise of this theory is, that many autoimmune diseases are caused by being in a chronic state of elevated storage levels of retinol, retinoic acid, and possibly the carotenoid vitamin A precursors

Most of you know that the liver has by far the most concentrated source of Vitamin A. But the liver does NOT have unlimited storage capacity for it.

Once you reach that point of saturation, all the extra Vitamin A/ Carotenoids you ingest is a potent “toxin”, and it becomes a trigger for inflammation and a belligerent response from the immune system.

When we reach this saturation point, the absorption rate to safe storage is going to be vastly diminished.
Tissue cells will now be exposed to plain retinol for an extended period of time, as the Vitamin A is now floating around in it’s unbound form. This is not normal. What should be normally happening is that cells that need retinol make callouts for the delivery of it. The liver responds to that callout by releasing retinol on an as-needed basis bound to the RBP (Retinol Binding Protein).
Think of the RBP as a policeman who escorts the retinol  safe in the serum. Moreover, the cells that have made the call out for retinol have enabled their RBP receptors, thereby ensuring that the retinol is being received at only
the correct destinations. Overall, it is a very elegant process. Very dangerously, that elegant process is now completely missed.

It’s obvious that since the liver can no longer quickly absorb and store our massive intake of Vitamin A, it will remain in the blood serum longer. Our body’s dedicated and normal storage function is overwhelmed. The result will be sporadic or chronic excessiv Vitamin A levels in the serum.

Every microgram of any source of vitamin A consumption could now become toxic​

Other systems and organs are now attempting to contain this overflow by storing the free floating Vitamin A in the fats. This secondary safe and natural Vitamin A wrapper buys us a little more time before our immune system responds with an attack.

But eventually all the fat stores are filled up and you slowly gotten yourself into a Vitamin A toxicity state. Every person is different. You don’t need to be overweight to fall into this trapdoor. The body offers many places that contain fat tissues like the breasts and the brain. Also, the liver tries its best to protect the body. It can swell up and get more fatty to do that. Known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Grant believes that the disease patterns seen worldwide, and the sudden rise, has all the markings of a poisoning, not of a degenerative disease process.
The skin, fat, and intestine are secondary storage locations. So if one suffers from any disease connected to these (Eczema, IBS, Crohnes, Gluten Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity…), it can absolutely be linked to a Vitamin A toxicity state.

It shows us that the body can no longer protect us from what is now a toxin circulating in the body.


The other organs, such as the skin, lungs, kidneys, GI tract, and joints are accumulating too much vitamin A. Although these organs and tissues are capable of storing or accumulating Vitamin A, this is an extraordinary defensive measure taken by the body to locally store excessive amounts.
Additionally, that somewhat safe storage in the local
lipids are only temporarily safe. Once these tissues use that loaded lipid, they are going to expose the retinol.
What now happens to cells that are exposed to elevated levels of retinol is that this direct toxin will cause inflammation and destroy human tissue.

This potential toxicity might not show up for decades.
This is a simple scientific fact.

Take a look at the slideshow to see some examples of daily exposures or things you might have come in contact with during lifetime.


Daily consumption of foods that are high in Vitamin A / Carotenoids. For example certain fruits and vegetables, liver, eggs, cold water fish and shellfish.
The use of acne cream (high in retinoic acid), Painkillers like Paracetamol, Antidepressants, Antibiotics...
"Healty" Diets
The problem can ABSOLUTELY come from these assuumed “healthy fad diets" (Keto, Paleo, Raw, Vegan) It is NOT just supplements or pharmaceuticals that are causing problems.
Veganism / Vegetarianism
Plant based diets will eventually end in this problem. Especially when there is also a high intake of dark leafy vegetables. Zinc and protein are critical to make adequate amounts of Retinol Binding Protein and it is not a myth that people on these diets are often deficient in nutrients. You can read about many people that have lost their health on these diets.
Oral Contraceptives
Birth Control pills are well-known in the scientific literature to raise "Vitamin A" in the bloodstream.
These are synthetic/foreign chemicals in our environment that are making the "Vitamin A" problem worse. Glyphosate is only one of them.
Skin Care Products
Many skin care products (shampoo, creams, shower gel) contain essential oils that are high in Carotenoids. Also anti aging creams, sunscreens and chemical peelings contain retinoic acid. Many of us use these daily and believe that natural essential oils are safe to use. But remember, from one point on every drop of Vitamin A worsens the problem.
Cod Liver Oil
It is jam-packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin D. If kids are fighting back tooth and nail to avoid eating it, do you think that they might instinctually know what they are doing? If they are vomiting something back up, we should accept that their body is outright rejecting that thing being forced on it.
Multivitamins usually have high amounts of Vitamin A and/or Carotenoids. Even famous brands for kids. It doesn´t matter if the supplements contain food based or synthetic Vitamin A. The problem is the same.
Fortified Foods
In some countrys almost every food gets fortified with minerals and vitamins. It doesn´t matter if it´s organic or conventional. You need to read the ingredients, otherwise you will unknowingly infuse some extra doses of Vitamin A every single day.

The myth in the medical literature is that you need massive doses of Vitamin A to get into this state. The bigger myth is that you’ll quickly recover after you stop overdosing. But the Vitamin A that you have accumulated is not going away on its own if you don’t take any action. One day you more or
less fall over a cliff into disease from this potential “Vitamin”. On your way into a disease there will be many precursors that you will not connect to this problem. This can be headaches, multiple chemical sensitivities, joint pain, inflamed gums… Here is a mega list of symptoms that can relate to Vitamin A toxicity.

If your average daily intake is more than your body´s daily usage, then it’s more or less inevitable. In today’s world the chances are tremendous high that it will happen one day.

The only way out is to go to zero, or near zero, consumption. But, instinctively, and based upon current nutritional advice, you’re probably going to do just the opposite. You’re now sick, so you’re probably going to eat even more “healthy” foods.

It doesn’t matter at all if that "vitamin A" was obtained from an acne pill, or from eating fish ,tomatoes, or liver. In the end, it’s all just vitamin A. It’s a molecule, and molecules don’t care where they came from.

The question arises if we have any strong evidence of what the correct human
diet should be.
Yes, we do. We can look at China and India. These
countries have had quite healthy populations for
something like 5,000 years. They also don’t currently have this
outrageous epidemic of all these diseases as we do in countries like America or Europe. In their billion person populations, they have almost not even a micro-spec of these diseases, relatively speaking.
What does their diet look like? It’s simple. It is the simple starches from rice, a moderate amount of vegetables and a moderate  amount of animal protein. Fruits are also just consumed in moderate amounts. They’re not stuffing
themselves full of  5 portions of fruits and vegetables each day. They’re not stuffing
themselves full of multivitamins. They are not stuffing themselves full of
omega-3 and fish oils. They are not eating huge amounts of milk
and dairy products.

We can also have a look at our great-grantparents. They used to eat a simple diet. Back then they did not have these abundances of foods that we are consuming all year long. And we don’t have only the processed foods in our minds. No, we refer to all the fruits and vegetables and super foods that they did not have back then. They ate simple meals like potatoes, beans, some bread and butter, meat occasionally.

The Blue Zones, a National Geographic endeavor to find common habits among those areas of the world with the most 100-year-olds-plus are also an excellent example. People living in these zones do also eat diets that are low in Vitamin A. Rice, beans and meat are all low-to-no “Vitamin A” foods. These are staples of their diets. Also, white bread and good fats. Interestingly these people all have a moderate intake of alcohol every single day. Coffee and teas, like green and black tea, are also consumed daily.

It seems that we have been vastly complicated our diets in order to regain our health. We stopped eating these simple foods for the sake of calorie restriction and other diet crazes. Alcohol and coffee are demonized in many health programs. Seems that they are not the evil ones here. By far not. Be Different

So, what to do now with all this information? First of all relax.

Try to examine what you read from your own perspective. See if you can verify these thoughts by finding hints in your own health history.

What we are doing here is practicing some critical thinking. The health food craze has not brought us any benefits. We’ve experienced it for ourselves, and many others have experienced it too. So it’s time to relief old thinking patterns and be open for new ideas.




If you read our article about Vitamin C deficiency you might remember that we talked about that animals make their own Vitamin C. This ability seems to protect them, to a certain degree, from the intake of foods high in Vitamin A, like leaves and grass. But still, if humans feed them unusual high amounts of extra Vitamin A, they can get Vitamin A toxicity too. This is well-known in veterinary circles. The question arises now, if humans are on the way to make their own Vitamin C to protect themselves again high amounts of Vitamin A. As we are just one enzyme away from making our own Vitamin C, this could make sense. This is just a theorie, but deserves some attention.

In some culture's pork meat is considered "dirty". It makes sense if we look at the amounts of parasites they carry around, but the fact that they have few sweat glands makes them store more toxins. Toxins leave the body through the sweat. High amounts of Vitamin A are found in the fat.

Farmers and gardeners in some traditional cultures mostly grew nightshades as ornaments in the belief that they were unhealthy to eat. The list of edible nightshades is fairly short, but the list of poisonous ones is quite extensive. Most nightshades are toxic to humans.

There are things that can be done to revers the toxicity. Exercise is critical. Eating the right foods for some time is critical. Getting once mineral status and work on key nutrients may speed up the whole detox phase.

Conditions like eczema and autoimmune diseases are not at all modern diseases. They have been around since decades. Charles Darwin suffered from eczema and many symptoms that equal modern symptoms. This means that today Eczema is probably not being caused by modern day toxins; such as herbicides, pesticides etc. Although, these modern day toxins may still play a bit of a role.

If the whole health food movement had given us any benefits, why do people again and again search for the next super food that is said to bring more health and energy. If people would be healthy and feel good on these diets, there would be no need for these.

Just another fad diet? By all means...NO. This is the explanation why some diets work and some are not. For examole the potato diet. People loosing weight with that. Or the Carnivore diet. People healing their autoimmune diseases with it. They Have one thing in common... These are unintentional low Vitamin A diets! We don't want to pick on vegans, but the plant based diets seem to ruin peoples health. The internet is full of cases, including us.

Carotenoids are NOT essential nutrients. Carotenoids are the precursors to retinol. The liver converts a small amount of them to retinol. If Carotenoids would be essential nutrients vegans would have a major deficiency, because they don’t eat the Vitamin A from animal foods, that is already retinol. This can also explain why people can turn orange from too many carrots. We do not convert most of the Carotenoids. Isn’t this sort of strange? How does nutritional science ignore this fact, unless it is true that we don’t need ANY carotenoids for health?

Status Quo

This post is to begin questioning the status quo. We like to try and see as much of the world and the things that are

Why we transitioned away from veganism

There is moreWisdom in your bodyThan in your deepest philosophies -Friedrich Nietzsche- We were vegans, and it worked…Until we crashed! Tidji and me were working