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We all use the internet every day, it helps us to get from one place to another quickly, keep in touch with friends, sending messages, transferring money, shopping, etc. What only a few people are aware when using all these services, is the huge amount of energy require for the currently around 8 million data centers worldwide. Server farms all over the world work day and night to provide us with information and services. Almost 40% of the required energy is consumed by the huge cooling systems alone to protect servers from overheating. For example, according to New York Times 09/2011, Google’s data centers used as much power as a 200,000-inhabitant city.

Information Technology Expands Fast

According to current estimates, the aviation industry currently contributes 3.5% to global climate change. By 2050, the aviation industry is expected to contribute more than 5% to global climate change. Information technology is expanding much faster and should rise from 2% today to over 5% in 2020. If forecasts are correct, information technology will contribute 14% to global climate change by 2040.

Daten Server

We are aware of our responsibility

that’s why we went on a quest to also reduce our carbon footprint a bit. With our new web hosting at GreenGeeks we have found what we were looking for. GreenGeeks is a recognized EPA Green Power Partner and today’s most environmentally friendly web hosting service available worldwide. GreenGeeks draws its energy from Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a pure wind energy producer, to acquire Energy Certificates (REC) that bring back three times (3x) the amount of energy they consume back to the grid. In fact, GreenGeeks is neutralizing not only its carbon footprint, but also offset the carbon emissions of two other companies of its own size. The use of energy-efficient hardware in the data centers that are designed to be environmentally friendly is an addition.

From now on iheal.me brings its information to you carbon-neutral. And so also we provide for a little more green on the earth.

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